Janet Haig - Ceramics
Torsos   Pots and bowls
Janet Haig studied painting in Australia and took up ceramics on arriving in London. She then taught art and ceramics at Mill Hill School for eighteen years.

Her work has been shown in many galleries in London and is in many private collections.

Janet's work is characterised by densely encrusted and corroded surfaces, giving the impression of them having been created by time and nature. They are in fact solely the work of the human hand. Janet prefers to create her pieces completely by hand, therefore each piece is unique.

Inspired by the many and varied wonders of nature, she uses stoneware clays together with various oxides, slips and glazes to achieve subtle textures and organic forms that are as pleasing to the touch as they are to the eye.

Janet's work inspired one newspaper to recently write:

Perhaps the most unusual exhibits are those by ceramicist Janet Haig. Ceramics are often viewed as crafts and displayed separately from the so called Fine Art. Janet's beautiful pots and her stoneware torsos are true sculptures. They deserve attention. The pots look particularly good shown alongside paintings of landscapes and occasionally feature their own landscape and seascape motifs - a moon, a sun or a rolling pattern that resembles waves.
contact: janetghaig@gmail.com